Lakhs of aspirants start their journey of preparation to contest for one of the most complex exams in our country. But only a few hundred realize their dreams and hold the most prestigious government jobs while making their lives fulfilling.

The question is, how do you ensure that you are among those few hundred successful people? The only response is your unending dedication and your rock-solid perseverance in every stage of this exam where your mental, analytical and intellectual abilities are fully tested.

Here, are a few things that every aspirant should avoid to inculcate this winning attitude.

1. Multi-tasking during your preparations:

Few graduates opt for this exam as a side goal while eying on even better goals. It is of utmost significance that you understand the level of cognitive ability required for this specific exam and only then you will aptly understand that keeping two-three goals at one point will only leave you confused and irritated.

Hence, the best approach is to set your plan of action straight and keep your eyes on one target at a time.

2. Restricting your preparations only to offline mode: 

With the evolving technical world, almost all the national level exams are switched to online mode. This might be a drawback for a few students who are not technically literate. But to qualify for this exam, you must prepare on the computer to be at ease during the exam day. This will make you more confident and avoid any technical glitches which might make you nervous.

3. Referring to too many books for every subject:

This is the most common mistake that aspirants perform. To complete their course and understand the topics in-depth, students refer to more number of books than necessary. 

It should be noted that constant revision is the key to learn any topic profoundly and you will only be able to do so if you refer to the limited best available material in every subject.

4. Ignoring the significance of time-management: 

Such as competitive exams, test your knowledge and accuracy in a given time frame. It will be useless if you have an abundance of knowledge but no accuracy while answering or if you take more time than the exam provides you to find the correct answer.

To avoid this, the students should regularly practice mock test papers and time their performance.

5. Ignoring the importance of last year's papers: 

At times, there is a recurrent pattern in many subjects or you might find the same question repeating itself. Practicing last year’s papers at least two-three times before taking the exam. This way you will be better prepared. Moreover, you will not only realize your weakness and strength but it will also give you an insight into the minds of paper setters.

6. Not making precise notes:

Most of us have been ignoring the importance of note-making since our school days. But at this stage, where you have to understand hundreds of new topics from a subject that you might not even be interested in, the notes that you prepare will come handy. They will be a gem for you when you revise your subject and will be efficient and effective for your understanding.

7. Not estimating your confidence rightly: 

Along with constant revision and practice, confidence is the key to crack this exam. You cannot be over or under-confident at any stage. If you cannot balance the level of your self-confidence then the competition will get to you and you might lose your focus.

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