What are the Best Ways to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier-1 in the Last 30 days?

As you all know, the SSC CGL Exam Tier-1 is the first stage to moving towards your dream job, and this is also a gateway to your next competitive phase i.e. SSC CGL Tier-2. Clearing the SSC CGL Exam Tier-1 is more than just about thoroughly learning Math, General Knowledge, and English. This exam is not like your general academic exam but on a national level. Therefore, if you want to score higher, you need to generate a proper approach to each section.

SSC CGL Exam is about to come, you have to get ready with your gears to speed up the revision. The end-time studies are far more difficult than you can think because you have to start everything from scratch. This is the deciding time to understand whether you will be able to give the best in your exam or not. Therefore, you need to practice like your exam is on the next coming day only.

Since you have very less time left for the exams, we will guide you in the supreme ways possible to -reach your target. Make sure you follow the below-discussed points seriously to clear the SSC exam.

Follow some of the below-listed tips to quickly get through the syllabus

1. Understand the SSC CGL Exam Pattern

The question papers will give you the idea and will help you for a better analysis of the previous year’s question pattern.  Since you have very less time left for the exams, this tip will be beneficial for you. This will help you to target the highest marks on the exam. Prepare a chart of the last 5 year's question paper topic-wise. This will guide you for the upcoming pattern for the exam. You can give sitting of the practice hours, give mock tests, and can perform a group study for completing the tier-1 paper. The first step in preparing yourself for SSC CGL Tier-1 is to have a complete idea about the exam's format and structure. The paper of tier-1 will be objective, online, and only the graduates and give this exam. Note that for every right answer you can score and for every wrong answer your half marks will be deducted. So, you need to focus on 100% attempts; meaning answer only those questions first that you can.

2. Address the important Topics and take them first while preparing

As per the suggestions from SSC CGL experts, we have listed the important topics that every aspirant must cover while preparing for the tier-1 exam. Mainly complete the syllabus of mathematics and reasoning which will be tough for you. Interest, time, distance, work, number system, decimal and fractions, and more are some of the topics that you must cover. Your target must be to complete all and the maximum marks. Try to achieve the least marks possible because you have very less time left for your studies. But this does not mean that you will study only some topics, try to cover the points which have the highest marks.

3. For General Intelligence and Reasoning Section

For this section, you can regularly practice from newspapers and the internet for general awareness. If you haven’t done the syllabus, then start by completing the current affairs of the national news. Use the last 6 months' news to study, download videos, sample papers from coaching, or read through the summary that you have created. When the time is less then shortening the syllabus. Learn the things that have the highest weightage. These are the high-scoring sections and far easy comparatively than maths or any other subjects. Study these hard to score well in the exams. Don’t worry if you have less time, by solving the sample papers, you will get the idea of these.

4. Understand the Grammar Rules

Grammar and vocabulary are very important. Practice these from the previous year's papers. You can do 2 questions per day which will help you to complete the syllabus on time. Make sure you are not reading a new book that will not work for you. SP Bakshi is a good book that you can refer to for grammar and vocabulary. Attempt English quizzes when you take breaks such as an evening walk or a tea break. You can simply scroll through the things it is not mandatory to deep dive into.

5. Do the mock test on a daily basis

We always mention this tip because this is really very helpful. The level of reasoning and maths has increased so you have to give more attention. Mock tests will give you a clear understanding of all the subjects (maths, English, reasoning, etc). Through mock tests, candidates can evaluate themselves to get an idea of how they can clear the exam. They can know their mistakes, resolve them and can get to know their strengths as well.

6. Quickly Revise the Syllabus

Now that the time is less, you don't have to touch a new book. Revise from the sample paper. This is because the left is fewer with you. Your mind will not be able to grasp the new lectures. Rather study the subjects on which you already have a command. Cover up the syllabus especially the more Important Topics such as Semantic Analogy, Series and Semantic Classification, Symbolic/Number Analogy, Data sufficiency, Statements, and Conclusions.

 7. Self-study is an important part of the Government Exam

The last and practical tip for the SSC exam is self-study. Do not watch too many videos of recorded or live lectures because you don’t have much time. Solve the last 5 years' pre and main papers as mock tests. These will help you with the exam. Complete at least 70-90 mock tests. You can check the time that you are taking to write the exam. Note that there will be no subjective questions so you can maintain the time limit. The reasoning is one of the important topics of the study which will require continuous practice.

For English Section: The important topics from this section are: synonyms & antonyms, one-word substitution, and spotting errors. Check on the spellings. You can refer to any dictionary to know the meaning. Take help from the search engine for more questions. Such as passage and comprehension. Fill in the Blanks, Idioms & Phrases, and One-word substitution. Do not forget to check the question marking, because you need to score marks not lose them.

8. Check Out the 30 Days Preparation Plan and Schedule your Study Activities

A timetable is always helpful when it comes to preparing for a government exam. It does not matter whether you are working or studying for a full day, a time plan is a must. You can track your own study activities and the time utilized for each subject. Spend the last few hours on your study tasks in a day. The last month should only be dedicated to the revision, but you can utilize these days and widely revise the syllabus. And in the last week of exam preparation, only focus on the quick revision techniques. You can prepare some short notes or cheat sheets containing short tricks and formulas for quick revision.

9. Topic-wise Study Plan Day wise

Expectations are always higher than the reality, So, keep your feet open on the earth and fly only to the hard work, not just focusing on getting a top rank. It is easy to make targets overnight but achieving them is a difficult task. It requires complete attention to complete the syllabus. Combine your days and nights to be one among the SSC rankers.  Follow the plan and fulfill your dreams. Prepare a list with known topics first then the unknown. Next, create a sequence of the difficult and hard topics. This will consume less time and you can prepare for more topics in a day. This is how you can save time during SSC preparation.

Note: You can take breaks between your schedule and divide the study hours into different time slots.

10. Best Books for SSC CGL Preparation

Books are an important part of study material for SSC CGL preparation. It is beneficial to include the best books in the study plan while preparing for the SSC CGL exam. Some of the best books for SSC CGL preparation are as follows which will help you to practice high-quality questions and clear your basic concepts:

  • SSC CGL Combined Graduate Level Exams Question Bank by Kiran Publication
  • Solved Papers SSC CGL Combined Graduate Level Pre-Examination Tier I by Arihant
  • Objective General English by SP Bakshi
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Agrawal
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by Disha Publication

Last 30 days Study tips:

  • Study with the textbooks
  • Eat good food to keep up the memory
  • Meditate for staying focused
  • Wake up early and revise what you had studied the previous day
  • Solve previous year’s sample papers
  • Attempt frequent mock tests



The simplest way is to solve the previous year’s papers, view the pattern of the exam, create a proper study plan, and frame goals. You need to find a perfect study plan and a quiet place without any distractions to revise the course. We would recommend you to select nearby library of your residence and visit that often to complete the course instantly. If you calculate, 30 days is also enough for you to study the remaining course. Just try it doing the harder way and surely you will succeed in clearing the examination.