Best Bank PO Coaching in Jaipur - After Introduction of NRA CET

With innovations taking place in our country and around the world, some new changes are taking place in the education sector and government recruitment organizations in India. In response to these reforms, the government established the National Recruitment Agency (NRA). The primary function of the agency is to organize NRA CET (National Recruitment Agency Common Eligibility Test) tests. Let's take a closer look at these exams and how they can affect the Bank PO exam in detail.

About Bank PO Exam

Bank PO exams, short for Bank Probationary Officer exams, are tests organized by different banks to hire Probationary Officers. These exams are like doors for people who want to work in important positions in the banking sector. If you pass, you get training and take on tasks like handling bank operations, leading a team, and managing customer relations. The Bank PO exams usually check how good you are at certain subjects, thinking logically, and knowing about banking and money stuff. Doing well in these exams can lead to great job opportunities in banking.

What Is a Bank PO's Role?

A bank PO is an entry-level employment that is open to potential candidates. It is also known as a bank probationary officer, and all banks have tests for the position. Bank PO is a managerial level role that encompasses a variety of administrative and supervision responsibilities, such as managing branch operations, dealing with client interactions, and making decisions about loans, accounts, and other banking activities.


To become a bank PO, you must first pass the CBT test or any other exam preferred by the bank, followed by an interview and group discussion session. Though the position is difficult to obtain, it is worthwhile due to the numerous prospects for advancement and a lucrative career.


Exclusive Features Offered At Power Mind Institute

Some of the unique features offered at Power Mind Institute are:

  • Outstanding Teachers and Modern Facilities: At Power Mind Institute, we've assembled a team of skilled teachers ready to share their knowledge and experience for your success. Our institute is not just about learning; it's a place where you can prepare for NRA CET and grow personally with exciting activities.


  • Personalized Help for Every Student: At Power Mind Institute, we understand that each student is different. That's why we give personal attention and guidance to create an environment where every student can improve and do their best.


  • Easy-to-Understand Study Materials: We believe in making things easy to understand. Our study materials and special notes are made to simplify complex ideas, helping you grasp each concept easily.


  • Mock Exams: At Power Mind Institute, we've thought about every challenge you might face. We offer practice exams a month before your actual exams to make sure you feel confident when you sit for the real thing.


  • Useful Time Management Tips: We share valuable tips and tricks to help you manage your time well, not just during the exam but also while you're preparing for it.


As exams change, the introduction of the National Recruitment Agency's Common Eligibility Test (NRA CET) brings both challenges and chances. Power Mind Institute Coaching Institute easily includes these changes, making sure students are ready for the new way exams are done.

NRA CET Exam 2024

The National Recruitment Agency Common Eligibility Test (NRA CET) was introduced in the Union Budget for 2020-21 to make the recruiting process simpler and more efficient. This test, known as NRA CET, is designed to be a common screening test for central government Group B and C positions.


Before, candidates had to pass multiple exams from different organizations like the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), and the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). The NRA CET makes things easier by providing a common starting point for aspirants. This change not only simplifies the process but also saves time, effort, and money that candidates used to spend on multiple exam applications.

Special Activities We Offer At Power Mind Institute

Some of the amazing special facilities we offer at Power Mind Institute as the best SSC Coaching in Jaipur:

  • Mind Map Presentation of Subjects: Our unique approach offers an in-depth understanding of knowledge using mind maps, making complex subjects easier to grasp. The graphical tool improves learning and retention and further increases your interest in learning.


  • Communication Skills: We are committed to guiding and communicating with our students until they achieve success. This personalized approach ensures that no student feels lost or unsupported throughout their journey.


  • Mock Interview Sessions: Mock interview sessions conducted by professional teachers on our team benefit our students immensely. This practical knowledge prepares them for the obstacles of real-life interviews, boosting their confidence.


  • Ground Practice: Expert trainers provide ground exam preparation, ensuring that students are well-equipped for the practical aspects of their exams. This hands-on experience sets us apart in fostering a well-rounded skill set.

How NRA CET Impacts Bank PO Exam 2024?

The NRA CET is set to replace the Tier-1 exam for Non-Technical Group B and C posts currently conducted by the SSC. This means that candidates aspiring for Bank PO can now apply for NRA CET and be open to more opportunities. The syllabus for NRA CET will be based for higher secondary level and would be referencing the syllabus of Bank PO Tier-1.


With NRA CET, they can appear for stage two exams conducted by SSC, IBPS and RRB. It is both a time saving and cost effective opportunity for candidates. Instead of preparing separately for multiple exams and living under constant pressure, students can now opt for NRA CET exams. After clearing NRA CET, you can directly appear for the Tier-2 exam for Bank PO.

Facilities available at Power Mind Institute

Unique facilities available at Power Mind Institute for your exclusive NRA CET Bank PO preparation:

  • Regular classes for all subjects daily (ac classes +digital teaching technology)
  • Individual attention for students with comfortable batch size
  • Doubt solving desk
  • Updated study material Power Mind Institute publication compilation of toppers notes (English/Hindi: medium)
  • Previous years questions compilation with solutions segregated topic/subtopic wise and type wise
  • Class handouts/sheets
  • Topic tests in class
  • Daily test series (DTS) OMR biased with solution/doubt class by faculty
  • Weekly test series (OMR biased) solution by faculty after test.
  • Monthly current affairs magazine
  • Online test series portal with unlimited paper (topic wise, sectional and full mock test) with solutions
  • Online lecture for revision of topics 1 year validity after completing course.
  • Library facilities 24 hrs
  • Daily newspaper (TOI)
  • Extensive support till selection.
  • Interactive teaching approach for more than 16 hours + daily scheduled dedicated learning.
  • A Doubt counter; distinct lecturers for solving problems.
  • Both online and offline test series.
  • Regular monitoring of students and updates to parents through whatsapp, call or mail.
  • Excellent subject knowledge and competitive expertise from the finest teaching staff in the profession.

Power Mind Institute’s Success Mantra

To get yourself success in your journey to a bright future Power Mind Institute is always here to help you out. Following are some of our high-value points to get succeed in your competitive exam:

  • Class Guidance Notes: Here we offer absolute learning convenience with pre-prepared notes of your preferred exam from SSC, Bank and Railway. These notes are prepared by our expert faculty so that you score great on your exams.


  • Power Mind Institute Subject Books: Another key aspect of Power Mind Institute’s success mantra is the specially created subject books that offer an edge over your exam preparation. These books have precisely gathered information regarding the most scored topics and sections that our expert faculty have chosen while collecting data from the previous year's papers.


  • Online & Offline Test Series: We offer the facility of test series through both offline and online mediums to yield the best result possible. Get a better understanding of your exam preparation status with Power Mind Institute’s free test series for absolute learning convenience.


Why are we different? It's quite simple to search for excellence is the key reason for our existence that’s what makes us different from others. We believe in incorporating the right mindset, moral standards, and perspective in our students, getting them ready to keep learning and directing in their chosen careers for a bright future. That's what makes us one of the leading NRA CET Coaching in Jaipur.

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