Best Bank IBPS PO Coaching in Jaipur- After Introduction of NRA CET

IBPS PO exams, or Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officer exams, are tests conducted by different banks in collaboration with IBPS to hire Probationary Officers. These exams act as a pathway for people who dream of holding important positions in the banking sector. If you pass the IBPS PO exams, you receive training and take on responsibilities like managing bank operations, leading a team, and handling customer relations. These exams usually test your skills in subjects, logical thinking, and knowledge of banking and financial principles. Successfully clearing IBPS PO exams can open up exciting career opportunities in the banking industry.

Overview Of IBPS PO Exam

The IBPS PO Exam, which stands for the position of Probationary Officer at the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, follows a structured examination pattern conducted in three stages. These stages include a preliminary exam, a main examination, and a final interview round, with candidates being selected and recruited based on their performance in these evaluations.

The preliminary exam focuses on multiple-choice questionnaires and is an essential step in the selection process.

Here's a breakdown of the exam pattern for the IBPS PO preliminary session:



No. Of Questions

Total marks

Exam Duration

English Language



60 minutes

Quantitative Aptitude



Reasoning Ability







In this preliminary exam, candidates are assessed on their proficiency in English, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning ability, each carrying a specific weightage. This structured approach ensures a fair evaluation of candidates' abilities, paving the way for a comprehensive selection process for the coveted position of Probationary Officer.

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NRA CET Exam 2024

A brief of NRA CET Exam 2024 would include:

  • Three-year result eligibility for job opportunities in public and private sectors.
  • Exam available in 12 languages, with centers established in every district for convenient accessibility.
  • Serves as the gateway to SSC, IBPS, and RRB Tier-2 exams.
  • Conducted twice a year.
  • Open for 10th, 12th, and graduate aspirants.
  • Common paper design for RRB, SSC, and IBPS, simplifying the exam process.
  • Eliminates the risk of conflicting exam dates.
  • Balanced difficulty level crafted from a nationwide exam perspective.
  • Provides preparatory resources and a helpline for support.
  • Candidates have control over test scheduling and can specify their exam center preferences.


Clearing the SSC exam is not easy, and aspirants spend months preparing to increase their chances of success. Many educational institutes and online forums offer comprehensive course material and mock tests for the sincere help of the candidates. That's where the best CET coaching in Jaipur like Power Mind Institute can be helpful.


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Impact of NRA CET 2024 on IBPS PO Exam


The introduction of the National Recruitment Agency Common Eligibility Test (NRA CET) in 2024 is set to bring significant changes to various government exams, including the IBPS PO Exam. For aspiring Probationary Officers preparing for the IBPS PO Exam, the impact of NRA CET is noteworthy. The CET will serve as a universal screening test, creating a standardized foundation for candidates seeking positions in public sector banks. This harmonization of the testing process is expected to simplify the application process, reducing the time, effort, and financial resources required for multiple exam preparations.


Moreover, candidates clearing the NRA CET will have the advantage of applying not only for IBPS PO positions but also for various other government exams. The CET score's three-year validity period further extends the window of opportunities for candidates, allowing them to explore diverse career paths within the government sector.


In terms of exam preparation, candidates can benefit from a more focused and standardized approach. The syllabus and exam pattern covered in the NRA CET will likely overlap with elements of the IBPS PO Exam, providing a more efficient and strategic preparation strategy. This alignment may lead to a more targeted study plan, emphasizing key areas common to both exams.


While the specific details of the impact will unfold with the implementation of the NRA CET, candidates aspiring to become Probationary Officers through the IBPS PO Exam can anticipate a more streamlined and accessible recruitment process, offering broader opportunities within the government sector.


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