Within the past few years, Jaipur is known to be the best study hub in Rajasthan after Kota. Students appearing for any Government exam can find the best coaching centers here. The individuals who have qualified for a government exam or are experts in their respective subjects have opened up their own coaching institutes in Pink city. They provide elite quality education to all the students so that they can also rank well in any exam that they appear. 


For dedicated students like you, it is important to know the necessary information. The Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board will soon be available on the official website. Coming onto the study part, you will get to know the steps for clearing the examination with regular practice. 


Competition for the government exams like this one is ever increasing. If you want to be someone who wants to prepare for the exams beforehand, then follow the referral books, perform the test, and watch videos. This is the world of the internet where you can find the required information easily. 


Here are some of the steps that you can follow to prepare for the LDC exam. 

Step-1 Create and set your educational goal


Before beginning your journey to study for the Government exam, know the syllabus, eligibility criteria, job profile, required specialization, etc. These are the mandatory fields that you have to consider before opting for any exam. You have to know this information because everything depends on your skills and how well you can do it. Keep yourself updated with the latest news, and notifications, and follow the blogs, videos, or any detail associated with the exam. This will help you to know even the minor details of what you need to study and accordingly you can prepare for that. 


Step-2 Know the stages and everything about the exam


Browse on the internet, check the public notices and you can also check out our website. You must check out the upcoming syllabus, exam dates, and related aspects. The Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board (RSMSSB) LDC Selection Process consists of two main stages: the Written Test and the Skill Test. 


In the written one, you get the following subjects - 

  • General science

  • Mathematics

  • General knowledge 

In the written test, you will get General English and General Hindi. You need to focus on the grammar part which requires constant effort. You can check out the sample papers from the websites and exam books. These will give you an idea of how a paper will come. But don’t be totally dependent on these resources. Ultimately, you have to focus on achieving a good grade for which you have to make great efforts. 


Step-3 Practice more and more


Understand that the paper will be unpredictable. You will need to practice as many question papers as you can. You can check FAQs that are related to the exam. On the internet, you can find several sites that provide useful information. Such as the time of 3 hours and the marks of the exam. Bookmark the specific points that you will find difficult. Give time to mathematics and reasoning. 1-1 hour for both of these things will be helpful. This preparation is for stage-2 which will be a skill test. This will be to check your typing speed in English and Hindi. You can visit any cyber cafe offline to practice this skill on a daily basis. 


Step-4 Spend more time on difficult topics 


Subjects in which you are weaker, you need to give more time to that. Clear topic wise

Take references from different test series, sample papers, and give mock tests. Use the videos for analysing your performance. Know your weaknesses in the topics that are lesser-known to you. Do not believe in myths about studying longer hours or get demoralized for it. You have to keep hope and consistently perform hard work to achieve your educational goals. Revise at least 2 times a day. This might happen frequently with you when you have studied a particular topic but you tend to forget it. Revising multiple times can help you to overcome this problem. 


Step-5 Read Newspaper 

Do you know that you don't have to be a topper to get a good rank in the government exam? Any average or below average student can also clear it. We have the simplest way for you that is to read a newspaper daily. Both English and Hindi newspapers will be beneficial to read. Don't forget to read your local newspaper as well. This will not only improve your reading and verbal skills, but it will also reflect the national and international news. You can keep yourself updated with the latest things happening in the world. This will enhance your verbal communication and will also build confidence within you.  


Step-6 Self-study and Time management


Nothing is much better than studying on your own. The process is to watch the video, then read from the book and solve the questions., Then revise the topic again the next day. Give some time between the two topics so that every time you can start fresh. Note that every second of your studies is important. Set time for every topic and its revision. You can add this to your habit of learning by writing, watching videos, etc. Sooner you will get into the habit of spending long hours studying. 


Create a plan to start your LDC preparation. You might be working or have joined coaching, so you have to manage the time accordingly. Remember that you should not skip meals and sleep to stay fresh when you study. Short breaks such as for tea or a walk can consume some of your time. You can create a timetable unlike what you had in your school. This will help you to stay in discipline and contribute to an efficient study schedule. 


Step-7 Analyse the Mistakes 

Whether you are a part of a coaching center or doing self or group study, note down all the mistakes that you are making. These will be a guide for you to avoid them during your studies. 


  • Know the standard of exam: Each government exam has some standards with respect to the job position, paper quality, etc. This will create a way for you to prepare according to the skills required. 

  • Study according to the syllabus: Never put too much pressure on yourself for studies. Do not study not too much or too little for a Government exam. Be specific to the topics which are coming in the exam and prepare those only. If you wish to study some extra then it is completely your choice. 

  • Don't hurry in completing the syllabus. Get knowledge of the core things that you score more than other topics. Pay attention to what the teachers are notifying you of your academic mistakes. Resolve them at the earliest then proceed to the next one. 


To do- 


Now that you are aware of your mistakes, you can plan something to learn the syllabus. 

Focus on Hindi and English languages. These subjects consist of scoring marks that can improve your overall exam score. 


Step-8 Adhere to LDC Rules 


Every examination has certain rules which every student has to follow. If not followed properly, students can be expelled from the exam. We have listed down fewer points that could be helpful for you - 

  • Use appropriate certificates when applying for the LDC candidature. Remember that a false certificate might be considered null or void. 

  • Give the correct information at the time of filling out the exam form. If any of the authorities find out that the required data is false then the candidate is disqualified from the exam. 

  • Every student needs to show real certificates at the time of document verification. With no or fewer certificates, students might get rejected for their candidature. 



Instead of worrying about how your exam will be you need to focus on revising the subject several times. Start by understanding the basic concepts then solve the respective questions and revise the concept again. Hope that you have got the basic idea and steps to prepare for the RSMSSB LDC Exam. Don't worry if you forget the topic, when you will appear for the exam, you will surely get the answers. You don't need to panic but believe in your preparation. 

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